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TG-5000 Dual-Format HD-SDI Pattern Generator


To answer the demands for a cost effective HD-SDI pattern generator Maxtron introduces the TG-5000 test pattern generator. The TG-5000 is a very low-cost HD-SDI generator which supports both the 720p and 1080i HD formats 59.94Hz frame rates. These two formats are the only formats used by broadcast facilities in the US and Canada.

The TG-5000 provides the latest SMPTE recommended HD test pattern - the RP 219-2002 HD color bar signal. The pattern is native 16:9 aspect and consists of both 75% and 100% color bars, a white strip, and a linear ramp. The output conforms to SMPTE 292M at a signal level of 800mv into 75 ohms.

Mechanically the TG-5000 is very sturdily built and comes in a conveniently small package. It won’t roll off the bench or hide under a monitor. The package size is 4 x 2.5 x 1.25 inches.

bullet SMPTE 292M compliment output
bullet 720p or 1080i at 59.95
bullet New SMPTE color bars - RP 219-2000
bullet Full 20-bit pattern generation
bullet Designed for Portable and Bench applications
bullet Extremely small size - about the size of a deck of cards
bullet 100-240VAC to 5V DC power supply included


    TG-5000:        $749.00 each. (USD)

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Maxtron TG-5000 TG-5000 $749.00

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