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TG-5100 Multi-Format HD-SDI Pattern Generator

 With Voice

Don’t let the size of the TG-5100 fool you, this is a full featured, multi-pattern, multi-format, SMPTE 292M HD-SDI generator with individual 16-channel voice ID’s and tones. The embedded voice repeats the channel ID every 16 seconds, leaving no doubts or confusion about the audio channel you’re monitoring. Plus, between the voice ID’s there are standard level 1kHz audio tone for the “right” and 440Hz audio tone for the “left” within each group. The inclusion of standard level tones permit very accurate system leveling. Both the US -20dBFS and the European -18dBFS standard levels are supported.

The pattern lineup was specifically chosen to expose system weakness and limitations. For example, a moving zoneplate is used to qualify video compression and scaling. The pathological pattern is used to stress the PLL’s in the signal path. There is even the traveling wizard that moves smoothly about the screen to reveal dropped or repeated frames. Then there are the classic patterns: SMPTE RP 219 color bars, 75% full-field color bars, projector alignment and convergence grid, and RGB color fields plus black and white. A user selectable circle overlay is also included to aid in checking for proper display aspect.

Rugged and durable, the TG-5100 won’t roll off the bench or hide under a monitor. It is housed in a mechanically strong, extruded aluminum box, with laser cut openings. Pattern and format selects use push-wheels that are not prone to being accidently changed and always indicate the exact status of the generator.

bullet 2 SMPTE 292M compliment outputs
bullet 10 patterns
bullet Full 20-bit pattern generation
bullet 16-Channel embedded audio with voicing and tones
bullet Designed for Portable or Bench applications with lab quality
bullet Extremely small size - 4 x 2.5 x 1.25 inches
bullet 100-240VAC to 5V DC power supply included
bullet RP219 with Motion/with Circle
bullet Full Field 75% Color bars/with Circle
bullet Moving Zoneplate
bullet Red Full/Stair Step
bullet Green Full/Stair Step
bullet Blue Full/Stair Step
bullet White Full/Stair Step
bullet Black/0-100% Ramp
bullet Pathological/MPEG Flash Audio Sync
bullet Convergence/with Circle
bullet 720p59.94
bullet 720p60
bullet 1080i59.94
bullet 1080i60
bullet 1080p29.97
bullet 1080p24
bullet 1080sF24
bullet 1080p25
bullet 1080sF25
bullet 1080i25

    TG-5100:        $995.00 each. (USD)

Contact: Vancura Innovations

Phone: +1.309.948.6120


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Maxtron TG5100 TG-5100 $995

Literature sheet (PDF) TG-5100 HDTV Pattern Generator w/ Voice ID