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Channel Talker CT-4SM

By Vancura Innovations

- Digital Audio AES Signal Quality Monitor

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- Monitors 8 AES/EBU digital channels
(4 digital streams) 48KHz

- Fault indicator for each stream

- Internal alarm signal and alarm light

- External alarm relay with power fail detect

- No-Load pass-through design

- Always ON, Dual Power supply




- Professional Digital Audio Test Equipment –

The CT-4SM monitors Digital Audio signal quality on up to 4 digital audio streams (8 channels) simultaneously. The CT-4SM checks for signal integrity, type, and parity. The unit tolerates a single parity error typical of switching from one source to another, but will not tolerate multiple parity errors typical of a faulty or noisy data line.

The CT-4SM provides verification of signal quality back to the signal source. The CT-4SM also aids in finding the root of a problem without unnecessary false alarms. 

Status LEDS indicate which channel faulted and caused an alarm. The LEDS indicate the faulted channel and if the fault still exists. The CT-4SM effectively traps and indicates intermittent conditions.       

Each of the four streams may be asynchronous (different clock reference/phase) with respect to the other streams.

Active channels are either GREEN (Good) or  RED (Fault).  CT-4SM auto-detects unused channels and turns unused channel LEDS off. 

Channel Talker Specifications:

4 Stream inputs: Each channel is high impedance for signal pass-through. AES/EBU 48KHz compatible, 75 ohm BNC connector. For Pass-through, an external "F", "T", or equivalent connector is required (not supplied).

Alarm Output: Dry contact relay rated 125VAC @ 1 amp or 24DC @ 1 amp (non-inductive). Normally open and closed contacts. Relay is in alarm condition with power OFF.  Front Panel reset of alarm.

LED Indicators: LEDs tell the whole story:
- Green solid ON = healthy active AES signal (No Alarm);
- Green blinking = signal had faulted ,but is good now (Alarm ON);
- Red blinking = signal has faulted, and is still bad (Alarm ON);
- RED solid ON = Signal has faulted, is still bad, and alarm has been canceled;
- OFF = no signal on channel, or channel unused.

Input Voltage: 7VDC to 14VDC (12VDC nominal) or 6VAC to 12VAC 50/60Hz. Connector 2.1mm X 5.5mm X 11mm (inside x outside x Length). Unit is compatible with automobile battery voltage (13.2VDC).

Input Current: 75ma Maximum. 

Input Power Supply: Two 120-240VAC to 9VDC @ 200ma converters. 

Temperature: 0 C to 50 C (32 F to 125 F) non-condensing.

Size L X W X H:  170mm x 106mm x 43mm (6.75in x 4.17in x 1.7in). 1-U Rack compatible with optional rack panel .

Pricing:                        (Dealer inquiries welcome)  

Channel Talker CT-4SM: was $495 Sale $399 each. Includes CT-4SM, 2 AC adapters.


Optional Rack Mount Kit: 1-U high black 19" panel with Four cutouts CT-4SM-RM: $70.00; 

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Channel Talker AES Signal Quality Monitor CT-4SM

$ 399.00

Rack Mount Kit Holds Four CT-SM-RM

$ 70.00

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Note: Specifications subject to change without notice. The information in this document is believed to be accurate. Vancura Innovations assumes no responsibility for possible printing errors and omissions.

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