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Channel Talker CT-DA10

By Vancura Innovations

Distribution Amplifier and DAR generator
1x10 AES/EBU 75 Ohm BNC
with fallback signaling.
New for 2011 -now shipping-

-Selectable 1x10, 1x8, or 1x5 AES/EBU 75 Ohm BNC outputs

- Distribute digital audio and house reference DAR on 5, 8, or 10 outputs

-loss-of-source signaling includes tone & voice status

- 10 DAR output references with house Black input

Input Pass-through or 75 Ohm terminated


- Professional Digital Audio Equipment –

The CT-DA10 may be used as either a 1x10, 1x8, or 1x5 output distribution amplifier (DA) in combination with a 2, 5 or 10 output DAR generator (limited to 10 outputs total). All outputs are re-clocked and locked to source. The DA outputs fallback to a tone and voice message on Loss-of-source. A Station ID may be programmed into the fallback signal for positive identification during setups. Outputs are always active. Dual redundant power supply for reliability.

The CT-DA10 generates a valid AES output on all outputs with or without a  source or reference input. Without an available input, the DA outputs generate a 1KHz tone and voice channel ID. When connecting things up, source or no source, the outputs are live. and verifiable. Apply a valid source and the unit will phase lock to it and replicate it on the selected outputs with less than 100ns delay. The DAR selected outputs will be phase locked to the reference audio, in phase with the DA output signal.

Never be frustrated again by not knowing where the problem is, the Channel Talker DA10 will generate a tone and voice message indicating that there is no source material. A station ID message can be added to identify the source DA unit so that the receiving party can conclusively verify the source.

Channel Talker CT-DA10 Specifications:

10 AES BNC Outputs: Ten 48Khz digitally re-clocked outputs. All digital serial outputs are greater than 1.0VP-P into 75 Ohms BNC connectors.

Output Selection: Front panel switch to select 1x5, 1x8, or 1x10 replicated outputs from AES audio input. The remaining outputs are DAR reference phase locked to the source with less than 100ns offset.

Fallback Output: 1000Hz tone interrupted with a channel ID (1/2 sec). A Station ID (0 to 16 seconds) may be added to identify the DA unit.

Sync to House Color Black: The CT-DA10 will lock to house color black reference. When house black is detected, the unit will convert all outputs to DAR reference.  Audio output Left and Right = 0.00 volts.

DAR/Color Black Input: Locks to external AES DAR reference 48Khz data stream, Standard 48KHz AES audio signal, or standard house reference color black analog video.

Channel ID: (no source) Voice message overlay on all non DAR outputs for ease of identification. Natural voice wav file. Unit is pre-programmed with generic message (Left says "One", right says Two").

Station ID: (no source) Voice station/unit ID overlay on all non DAR outputs. Supports up to 16 second message. Repeats at 16 second intervals. Default: No message. 

USB: Front panel mini USB input for programming messages. 

Stats LEDS: Four status LEDS: Power supply 1, Power supply 2, Input Lock, and USB activity.   

Input Power Supply: 9VDC to 14VDC (12VDC nominal) dual redundant supplies. Connector 2.1mm X 5.5mm X 11mm (inside x outside x Length). Unit is compatible with automobile battery voltage (13.2VDC).

Input Current: 100ma Maximum. 

Power Adapter: Two 100-220VAC to 9VDC @660ma green converters.  Only one supply is needed for operation. Optional 220VAC input.

Warranty: 90 days to cover normal operation, defects in materials, and workmanship.

Temperature: 0 C to 50 C (32 F to 125 F) non-condensing.

Size W X D X H: 207mm x 178mm x 43mm (8.15in x 7.0in x 1.7in). 1U high 1/2 Rack compatible.

Channel Talker Wave Saver: Voice ID Download Software (Optional):  

Channel Talker Wave Saver: Voice overlay Channel ID and Station ID  are wave files. The Channel ID file is a 1/2  second (opt 1 sec per channel) message unique to the channel. The Station ID file can be any message from 0 to 16 seconds and will be played on all channels in 8 second intervals. Voice ID information is downloaded to non-volatile FLASH memory using CT-Wave. Both messages are stored at 8K samples/sec.

Change the message as often as needed. 10,000 write cycles typical.

Note: A pre recorded message saved by the download software can be downloaded to the unit using just Hyper-Terminal.

CT-Wave Saver Software Specifications:

Software minimum requirement: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2K or newer  333 MHZ (or faster) processor, 128MB RAM, 25M Bytes of Disk space, 800x600 monitor or larger, and mouse.

Model CT-DA10: 10 outputs. Includes two power supplies. 

Rack Kit: Half rack kit 1 U high. All you need to rack mount one or two units (side by side). Includes blank panel, mounting handles and assembly hardware.

                         (Dealer inquiries welcome)

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Channel Talker Distribution Amplifier (Standard) CT-DA10 $1095.00
Optional Factory Programmed Custom Message CT-DA10-MSG $150.00
USB Cable A to mini 5-pin (2M) USB to A-mini 5pin $9.95
Rack Mount Kit 1/2 rack HRMK-1U $95.00
Optional 220VAC power adapter (ea) PS-220VAC $20.00
Shipping Shipping $ 11.00

Actual shipping and handling charges are based on method of shipping.

Download User Manual: CT-DA10 User Manual. (PDF 132KB) 

Download Side-by-side rack mount assembly guide: CT_side_by_side_assembly.pdf (PDF 51KB) 

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice. The information in this document is believed to be accurate. Vancura Innovations assumes no responsibility for possible printing errors and omissions.

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