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Universal Keyboard Emulator

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- Perfect Mach3 Companion -
Compatible with Mach3, Mach4, UCCNC, and systems that support keyboard controls.

Model UKE-1. Designed, built, and programmed in the USA.
The Universal CNC keyboard emulator offers 51 programmable commands in three groups. Each command can support up to 16 keystrokes, allowing you to generate the most sophisticated command set with a single push of a button.
This device can be programmed with up to 51 commands to be compatible with virtually any CNC control software that uses the keyboard for most of its command control.
Programmed through a serial port. Macros can be edited by hand or by copying a text file with the complete macro set to the serial port. Preprogrammed with the Mach3 keyboard frequently used commands (32 in all). All command sequences are stored in EEPROM. They can be changed as often as needed. The device mimics a standard USB keyboard and can reproduce any key sequence that can be entered from a standard keyboard. Two 5-way joys-switches offer simplified predictable motion of the each of the axis. It also presents itself as a serial port (115200 BAUD) for customizing.

Shown in an average sized human adult male right hand.

Comfortable and incredibly strong case.

Controller is easily manipulated with one thumb from either left or right hand.

Download the User Guide for completed details. USB Universal CNC Controller User Guide.PDF

Universal Keyboard Emulator Specifications:

Input: USB type A, for direct connecto to computer or hub.
Dimensions: 100mm x 55mm x 25mm (4" x 2.2" x 1").
Weight: 125 grams (4oz).
Cable: Standard USB Male, length 1.5M (5ft).
Power Consumption: 200mw (40ma @ 5.0 volts).
Temperature: 0 C to 50 C (32 F to 125 F) non-condensing.
Warranty: 90 days to cover normal operation, defects in materials, and workmanship.
Designed, Manufatured, and programmed in the USA

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Pricing: $55.00
Contact: Vancura Innovations
Phone: +1.309.948.6120

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Univesal Keyboard Emulator (Ship in USA) UKE-1 $55
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Note: Specifications subject to change without notice. The information in this document is believed to be accurate. Vancura Innovations assumes no responsibility for possible printing errors and omissions.

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